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Solicitations of legal business on this website do not establish an attorney-client relationship. The act of contacting Robert May, or a specific attorney, does not establish an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship may only be formed upon a consultation with an attorney from Robert May and our express written agreement to take your case. Robert May will not accept requests for legal advice nor provide legal advice regarding specific facts or circumstances over the Internet.

In plain English: We use our website, in part, to advertise to potential clients who may be in need of a good personal injury attorney. Reading content on our website or reaching out to Robert May does not make you a client. You become a client when you meet with one of our attorneys and we mutually agree that Robert May will represent you. We won’t give you legal advice over the Internet. If you are seeking legal advice about your specific case, you need to meet with one of our attorneys.

No users of this website, clients or otherwise, should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information provided on this website without first seeking legal and professional advice based on the specific facts and circumstances at issue from an attorney licensed in their state. Robert May expressly disclaims all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all information provided on this website.

In plain English: Don’t make legal decisions based on the information you read on our website. Consult an attorney before you make any decisions. If you act based on something you read on our website, we aren’t liable.

Privacy Statement

Robert May welcomes and encourages electronic communication. However, no confidential information should be communicated without first requesting to be represented and Robert May’s agreement to representation. Any information provided through electronic means, such as email or chat services, is not privileged or protected by an attorney-client relationship. Although Robert May will employ reasonable measures to protect information communicated through electronic means, Robert May cannot guarantee confidentiality in all cases. Electronic communication may be intercepted by a third-party who does not have a legal obligation to keep it confidential. Robert May will not sell or reveal any of your information to a third-party except as necessary to comply with applicable laws, investigations, or legal proceedings where such information is relevant. In such cases, no more information will be disclosed than necessary.

In plain English: Robert May loves to hear from prospective clients! However, it isn’t a good idea to provide us with confidential information until you have met with one of our attorneys and we have agreed to represent you. There are privacy risk involved with submitting information to our office electronically. Robert May cannot guarantee that a third-party won’t intercept your information, although we certainly won’t sell it or give it away. Robert May will keep your information private unless we are required by law to disclose it – and if we are, we won’t share anything more than absolutely necessary.

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In plain English: We like to provide you with as much information as possible. However, Robert May can’t control other websites. If you visit a third-party website that we reference and make a decision based on information on that website, Robert May isn’t liable.

Attorney Advertising

The content on this website may be considered attorney advertising and the solicitation of business. Information provided on the pages of this website is not legal advice. The choice of an attorney is important and should not be based solely on attorney advertising.

In plain English: We use our website to advertise our services to prospective clients. When considering hiring an attorney, you should not base your decision solely on the advertisements that you see on our website.

Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Robert May cannot, and does not, guarantee any particular result in any particular case. You should not assume that you will achieve the same or similar results based on the outcome of previous cases. All case outcomes are determined on a case-by-case basis and there is no way to determine how much one case may be worth based on the results of another case.

In plain English: We provide information about the outcomes of previous cases, including awarded damages, on this website to give you a very general idea of the types of cases we have won and how much we have been able to recover for clients. We are not suggesting that you will recover similar sums. If, for example, you are considering filing a wrongful death claim, you should not assume that you might recover $1.5 million because another wrongful death case resulted in a $1.5 million award. The results of our previous cases cannot be used to predict the outcome of future cases.

Fees and Client Liability for Costs

Attorney fees at Robert May typically range anywhere from 33.33% to 40% of the total settlement amount and are paid on a contingency basis. These fees are variable based on the specific facts and needs of a case. Fees collected from the settlement also include case and court costs, which will be paid by Robert May up front on your behalf and will only be reimbursed upon the successful resolution of your case. Specific fee and payment arrangements will be made in writing when representation begins.

In plain English: Robert May will not get paid for taking on your case until and unless we win. We will pay all costs associated with handling your case, such as court filing fees, travel expenses, and expert fees. You won’t reimburse us for those fees unless we win your case. If Robert May wins your case, our fees will cost anywhere from 33.33% to 40% of the total amount of damages that you are awarded. We will make specific arrangements with you regarding this fee when we agree to take on your case. These arrangements will be in writing.

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