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Robert May founded the May Firm on the core principles he learned growing up in a loving, hard-working, blue-collar family in Santa Maria.

The lessons he learned from his parents are abundantly apparent in the day-to-day operation of his firm. They instilled in Robert and his four siblings the sincere desire to help people to the best of their ability. By example and by encouragement, Robert’s parents also taught Robert and his siblings the value of a solid work ethic.

May Brothers
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Robert’s father, a concrete salesman, took exceptionally good care of his customers, treating each one like family and always going the extra mile to help them with whatever problem they had. Robert and his brothers follow in their father’s footsteps in the personal and exceptionally dedicated way they take care of their clients at the May Firm.

As you step inside the doorway of the May Firm, you will immediately notice there’s a difference. You won’t encounter a stuffy, overly pretentious office space. Instead, you’ll enter an environment where you’ll immediately feel right at home. You will notice Robert’s surfboard hanging on the wall and the photographs of him riding the big waves all over the world! You will be welcomed by the friendliest staff found in any law firm. They will treat you like family from the moment you meet them.

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The most popular staff member with clients is Copper the dog, a super friendly vizsla named after one of the main characters in Disney’s The Fox & the Hound. His red canine nose immediately recognizes every client, and he is always happy to greet and comfort them. Even the delivery people love him! While Cooper loves everyone, his primary human is Cameron May, Robert and Garrett’s younger brother, who works as a senior case manager at the firm.

With deep roots on the Central California Coast, going back four generations, Robert knew exactly where he wanted to establish his law firm.

Robert wanted to create a law firm that would steadfastly fight for the citizens of the Central Coast and help them in their most critical times of need.